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  • This insulation is mainly used in car park areas in order to eliminate air leakage, drafts, reduce heat loss, isolate the soffit area and provide fire resistant properties.

  • Materials used consist of acoustic rated batts, curtains and mastic. Whilst these are the same as the ones used to close wall/floor penetrations, the installation process differs. Air and acoustic sealing are used to isolate noise and cancel air penetration. Minimum disruption is met whilst providing passive fire protection.

  • Intumescent coatings for structural steel are a tried and tested solution of protecting buildings and people from fire. Primers, basecoats, and top seals are methods of providing up to 120 minutes fire protection to structural steelwork.

    Suitable for internal and external use on steelwork, intumescent coatings grant the surface with appearance similar to that of paint – either basic, or high gloss finish.

    Application of intumescent coatings can either be achieved by the use of roller or brush or airless spray. Starting with steel’s surface preparation, followed by application of a primer coat, base coat, and top seal – this will provide up to 120 minutes fire protection. A range of topcoats is available in different colours in order to accomplish the designer’s requirement for an aesthetically pleasing look.

    In the event of fire, the temperature causes the intumescent coating to expand past its original thickness, which provides an insulating foam-like coating also known as ‘’char’’. This coating expands up to 50 times its initial applied thickness and provides the fire protection to the steel work.

    Application of intumescent paint requires a specialist contractor, who is third-party certified in order to comply with the Building Regulation Approved Document Part B.

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